1 – un magicien – a magician – B – Mercury

1 – un magicien – a magician – B – MERCURY

upright: ability, control, influence, eloquence. soft power. practice what you preach, and practice your speech. wednesday morning.

reversed: inability, lack of control, taken out of context, taken too far. hard power. 

method: cast a magic circle. bless your tools so they serve you well. bless yourself as you call on your personal power. wednesday night.

From the Sorcery Underground Fortune Telling Deck – currently SOLD OUT, but restocking soon. Watch this space.

card 0 – un fou – A – air

0 –  un fou – a fool –  A – AIR

upright: a beginning, an opportunity. a risk to be taken. a leap of faith. watch where you’re going, but GO! 

reversed: unheeded warnings, red flags ignored. the trickster spirit is trying to teach a lesson. pause. look both ways. watch your back and your front. 

method: place this card in front of a light blue candle. meditate on which path to take

inauguration day

I decided to pull a card while meditating on the inauguration tomorrow. I pulled the Seven Clubs – Mountain from my Sorcery Underground Fortune Telling Deck.

This card represents great obstacles, tests of courage, continued conflict. Needless to say, I won’t be going near any government buildings tomorrow. It’s dangerous when everyone wants to be king of the hill. The position is good if it can be held, and long term success is possible with determination. The capitol seems well prepared to handle any interference, but I wonder how the state capitols will fare.