::Daily Spread::2.1.13::


You might hear some ‘advice’ today that comes off a little judgmental. Somebody sees you as a care-free slacker with too much love for the weekend. What this person doesn’t see is that while you’re working your buns off, you make it look like it’s no big deal. They don’t see you stressing because you keep a level head and they interpret that as you not caring. It won’t do you any good to try and explain your way of doing things as this person is looking more for a monologue than a conversation. Allow them to take the time to explain how you should be doing things and then show them all the things you get done in a day. This person is likely just threatened by you and the fact that you make it look so easy likely makes them feel obsolete. If this person is a boss or an authority figure or someone whose opinion you care about, then maybe make a little effort to explain yourself and your process. If this person is just nosey and their opinion doesn’t really matter, then just ignore them.

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