::Daily Spread::2.13.12::


This reading is about someone from your past making you feel like shit about yourself. Are you finding yourself comparing your life to someone else’s? Are you thinking that you could have done all the things that they’ve done and you could have had all the things that they have? Well, you don’t have the same life as someone else, you have your own, and that’s plenty good enough. This person is likely (hopefully) not trying to make you feel bad about yourself, they’re just sharing with you how they’re life has been. Don’t get defensive. You’ve got nothing to defend. So maybe things didn’t turn out how you’d planned. Maybe you didn’t end up where you wanted to or accomplish what you thought you’d accomplish. You’re life isn’t over yet and if you’re happy and have good people around you, that’s accomplishment enough. Besides, this person is probably comparing their life to yours wishing they’d done somethings differently as well. The grass is always greener, so give this person a chance before you give in to some silly life comparison. Everyone’s path is different, so maybe you can learn some cool stuff from each other.

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