::Daily Spread::2.19.13::


If you go into today with the understanding that another person’s arrogance is a part of their defense mechanism, you’ll be much less annoyed. They seem to be making up for something that they didn’t get or accomplish but were so certain that they would. They might have even bragged about it beforehand so now they feel really silly. This silliness translates for them into them being rude to others so they don’t have to deal with their own shortcomings. Its best to ignore this type of behavior. Calling them on their b.s. will only make them feel worse and act out. As much as you’d like to rub their nose in it, are you really that kind of person?
If you’re the one who is being defensive so nobody else see’s you’ve got your tail between your legs, then it’s time to chill out. Things don’t always work out. Hopefully this feeling will teach you not to count your chickens before they’re hatched, especially of that involves trying to make yourself look better than someone else. This is a lesson in humility.

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