::Daily Spread::3.21.13::


If things aren’t going your way, don’t let the opinions or judgements of others add to your stress. If you are after the acceptance of a person who will judge you only by your mistakes, then this isn’t the kind of person whose acceptance you need to care about. If this person is judging you because they know you can do better and make better decisions, then they really just want the best for you and shouldn’t be a source of stress. They might be pushing you, and they might be a little disappointed, but they are doing it for your benefit.
If it’s money trouble that you’re having, ask for some advice from a successful person, especially if you think this person will give you a hard time about it. This person will have good advice to offer and likely won’t sugar coat things. Don’t let what they have to say overwhelm you, just think of it as tough love.

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