::Daily Spread::4.13.13::


Are you still waiting for something that you know might not be coming? Are you so focused on this one person or event that you can’t really get in with anything else? If so, it’s really time to get past this. If it’s something that would be positive in your life and you really wish it would happen how you want it to, maybe this is for the best. Maybe you aren’t ready for it yet or it wouldn’t be how you thought it would anyway. If it’s something negative and stressful that you are so sure is coming to you, maybe the only stressful thing about it is you. There is no use focusing on the endless possible stressful things that could happen! You can either get yourself worked into a constant state of anxiety just thinking about it, or you can try and let it go and deal with it if and when it happens. Live for right now and what right now has to offer.
Speaking as a fortune teller, sometimes the healthiest thing to do is put away the possibilities of the future. At least for now, live in the present. The past will always be there and the future is coming anyway.

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