::Daily Spread::6.17.13::

What you’re clinging to and so afraid to lose will be the same thing that holds you bak from making progress. It’s time to let go of old worries or ideals that are really no longer relevant in your life. If change make you feel like something is slipping away, you need to analyze why you want that thing in your life so badly. Is it because you really need it or is it because you’re used to it and it’s comfortable. This goes for people too. Why are you still trying to make a relationship work when it only continues to be a problem? It is often necessary for things to leave your life so there is room for something new.
There is also a caution against being too focused on your financial situation. Financial responsibility is a good thing, but don’t let that be your only focus. There’s much more to life than money, and an obsession with money can blind you to that.

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