::Daily Spread::8.9.13::


The struggle may be over, and happiness has been restored, but someone has not fully let it go. On the surface they might seem to have moved passed it and they might seem to be letting bygones be bygones, but be aware that what happened is still in the back of their mind. If this is something that happened some time ago, old wounds might have recently resurfaced. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself discussing old issues that you thought had already been put to bed. It would be a productive conversation in that it might allow the other person to find some closure.

One Reply to “::Daily Spread::8.9.13::”

  1. I am that person! Today hit me hard as I found out I was unblocked on Facebook. It wasn’t intentional as I was looking for something else, but it’s so interesting that this has to happen now after all this happiness I finally restored in my life. Ah!

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