::Daily Spread::8.12.13::


Todays reading tells reminds us that while it is important to think about finances, it is also important to not let money or objects become our only concern. If you have been working towards a financial goal, it is easy to sometimes let that goal take over. Spend some time today thinking about the things that make you happy that don’t involve money or things. If finances have been stressing you out recently, take comfort in the fact that this won’t last forever and stability is just around the corner. Work towards your financial goals, but be aware that they might not make you feel as fulfilled as you thought. There’s much more to life than money.

One Reply to “::Daily Spread::8.12.13::”

  1. Thank goodness. I had my friend read my cards last night and worrying about money was clearly expressed. I need to embrace the simple things and so today’s reading is spot on once again. 🙂 Thank you!

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