::Daily Spread::8.20.13::


If you’ve been feeling like something in your life is on pause, look to your roots to get it going again. Sometimes it’s good to get back to basics when you’re feeling blocked. Look back on the people and things that used to inspire you and see if that inspiration can be found again. Maybe you’ve gone a little off track of your original goal. To get back on that path, look at where you started. An old friend might remind you of what your ambitions used to be before your day to day life bogged you down.

2 Replies to “::Daily Spread::8.20.13::”

  1. I’ve been making the astrology connection to tarot and I get your reading but I would like to add that the block could be the result of too many choices because it represents Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion. But Gemini tends to also create a lot of ideas on its own. So the person may be paralyzed by possibilities, or too much of a good thing.

    Ace of Wands themselves symbolize the careful use, consideration, and application of will and intention. So I suppose it would suggest that the person needs to figure out what their intentions are. And I psychically see that Ace of Wands as a match being lit and a lot of air in those swords. So would imagine it won’t be long before this person’s passion chose for them.

    Me personally, I would read those cards and say even though there is a lot being considered, the person’s intentions are just to remain friends. Probably because they have so many choices. But I’m a medium and I read differently than most people.

    1. That’s really interesting! I don’t typically use the astrological aspects of tarot in my reading, but it’s always fun and educational to hear from those that do. It’s also interesting to see not only the differences in the interpretations, but also the similarities. The ideas of the block being because of too many choices and the need to figure out ones intentions are similar to the idea of the need to get back to basics and the original inspiration.
      I love your visual of the Ace of Wands as a match being lit and the air of the swords. Beautiful.
      Thank you for such thoughtful input!

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