::Daily Spread::9.6.13::


The external world might not offer you much comfort today. What’s going on emotionally takes precedent. You might experience disinterest, dissatisfaction and maybe even a little depression as the Moon reversed brings somber tones. If you are experiencing these things, take comfort in the fact that it’s only temporary. To help make it better, go along with what you’re presented with today, even if you don’t really feel like it. Being active will help turn the day around, especially if you’d rather just go back to bed.

One Reply to “::Daily Spread::9.6.13::”

  1. How cool is this because today this is how I feel and you posted about this a couple of days ago. I just found this to be relevant because this is the perfect time for me to discover this reading. I pulled some cards on my Facebook page and the energy suggests get active. So to combat this slumpy mood I am in, I played with some cards and now reading your post boosted me out of the shadows and into the game. Thanks!

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