Reading for Week 13: 3/23 to 3/29

Nine of Diamonds: #39- the Heart

Ace of Hearts, Reversed: #11- the Fox

Financial and material security is not enough at this time to alleviate anxiety the way we thought it would. The emotional needs are still not met, and cannot be met by physical objects or monetary achievement. What are you still missing? 

Given the current pandemic, this comes off as having enough food, money, etc but still being unable to cope with the isolation. How can you still find ways to connect with friends and family while remaining healthy and maintaining social distance? Maybe electronic communications are still not enough. What are the other options? 

There is advice to not give in to participating in unsafe situations regarding the Covid-19 virus out of loneliness or desperation. This will pass, and we must be emotionally strong. Spend time with yourself. Spend time with your phone and tv off.

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