new moon

new moon
a great time for olive oil face masks and card reading

the central card for this coming lunar cycle is une prudence. Prudence, one of the four cardinal virtues, advises us to anticipate the potential results and repercussions of our actions. what Rube Goldberg chain of events are you about to set off if you say, do, text that?
new information might seem to warrant an immediate response. it doesn’t. wait.
as it does every day, the tide is changing. the thing about the tide is you can use it as a source of renewable energy, or you can get caught up in it and get swept out to sea. i guess you could also just sit there and watch it wash away your bungalow.
the bottom of the deck card is as above. i create through my speech. try going an entire day speaking only in positive phrases and see what changes.
top card is the two hearts. stupid cupid indeed. given the state of the world, if cupid aims his arrow at you, duck and cover 😂

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