17 – les étoiles – stars – R – AQUARIUS

17 – les étoiles – stars – R – AQUARIUS

upright: HOPE. the lucky star tells us it will work out in our favor. the northern star tells us where we need to go. the shooting star tells us to make a wish. healing, restoration, peace of mind.

reversed: pessimism. denial of opportunities. a closed mind ignores potential. mistrust.

method: outside at dusk, draw a seven pointed star and name each point for something you’re grateful for. make a wish on the first star you see. wandering stars count.

16 – un tour – a tower – Q – MARS

16 – un tour – a tower – Q – MARS

upright: sudden calamity. big, unexpected change. destruction, overthrow, collapse, demolition. the sky is falling. 

reversed: slow acting calamity. same as the upright meaning, but at a slower pace or to a lesser degree. old problems resurface if they were not dealt adequately the first time around.

method: create or double check your emergency supplies and plans. create or double check your self-care supplies and plans.


happy new year’s eve!

a way to gain insight into the coming year is to find the card of the year in your deck and read it with the cards before and after it.

2022 is a six year, so the card of 2022 is les amoureaux, aka lovers.

in my deck, the sorcery underground fortune telling deck, this card is also associated with the letter G, and the zodiac sign of gemini. the meaning for the upright card from my guide book:

6 – les amoureaux – lovers – G – GEMINI

upright: lovers. a choice between the sacred and the profane, a decision, options being weighed, forward or backward, give in or get going, quicksilver or quicksand.

this card was preceded by the five spades:

71 – the five spades – clouds

upright: defeat. loss. embarrassment. degradation. a blow to the ego.

advice: burn dried lavender and chamomile to calm the mind and heal emotional wounds. burn bay leaves to regain confidence.

and followed by the ace of clubs in reverse:

39 – the ace of clubs – a fireplace

Reversed: a rocky beginning, getting off on the wrong foot, annoyances, bad timing. Infertility, impotence

advice: the ace of clubs represents a single candle. light a single candle on a fire-safe dish in the dark on the night before beginning an important task or new phase. envision the final outcome you are working towards.

going into 2022 we are cautioned against trying to run so quickly away from what we experienced in 2021. The beginning of a new year only happens theoretically and tomorrow will be more or less the same as today. we can begin to process and let go of the trials of last year, but to ignore or deny the lessons those trials taught us will lead to our stumbling. it is easier so join the ‘fuck 2021’ bandwagon, but isn’t that sort of silly? That would be the ‘profane’ choice referenced in les amoureaux. let’s choose the sacred act of allowing it to all flow, blend, and wash over us. all time is now, everything is you, you are everything.

so basically, in the words of the great moira rose, you fold it in.

15 – un diable – a devil – P – CAPRICORN

15 – un diable – a devil – P – CAPRICORN

upright: bondage, obsession, addiction, desire. being chained to the altar of the god of this world. the devil you know.

reversed: hitting rock bottom creates a desire for change. It has to hurt if it’s to heal. breaking free after intense struggle. the devil you don’t.

method: say the lord’s prayer backwards.