dampen the banister with a full glass of scotch

say you can’t remember anything without the hypnotist’s pocket watch

grasping for evidence like digging a face out of make-up

hands falling asleep waiting for your lover to wake up.

cleanliness and godliness and these floors are filthy

but you still hold your breath when you drive past the cemetery

eat fallen fruit from trees with limbs hanging over fences

and swear you can’t taste anything if your not wearing sunglasses

smiles all around you when your mood elevates

and cameras kept handy so you can see the look on your face.

fin de siecle

it feels like the end of the century babe but it’s just the end of a decade. I remember this fervor and the desire for apocalypse and self defense. Imagine ourselves inside houses with boarded up windows growing our own food and loading our own guns and fending off the neighbors, ready for the knife-fight and pouring over maps by fire light.

So, I decided to start a blog today. I paid for this domain name mostly because i didn’t want all that wordpress business attached to the address. I figured it would be more taxing to post that long thing on other sites i’m involved with than a simple .com address. we’ll see if it’s worth it.