the sorcery underground fortune telling deck

by briiian david macdonald

The Sorcery Underground Fortune Telling Deck is 81 cards for use in fortune telling, divination, meditation, and the arrangement of fate. A blend of tarot, Lenormand, classical cartomancy, and my own fortune telling style, these cards offer a variety of imagery and symbology to jump-start the intuition and suggest positive action. the deck consists of five suits printed on poker size linen card stock. The suit of mysteries, known as the major arcana in most tarot decks, is followed by the standard playing cards suits of hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades.

The guidebook gives a suggestion of meaning for each card in an upright and reversed position, as well as a suggested method or piece of advice. The methods and advice range from the overly mystical to the surprisingly mundane. In following the suggestions of the cards, you might find yourself outside in the middle of the night trying to see the moon in a mirror, or at the mechanic getting an oil change.

As for the meanings of the cards, I am offering my method of reading only. Make them your own and do it your way. I believe that with any divination system, if you are listening to the still, small voice and trusting yourself, you can’t do it wrong.

This deck was both a labor of love and a fulfilling way to spend my free time in a global pandemic, and I am so pleased to be able to offer it to those who would find its magic useful.

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