guide book

The Sorcery Underground Fortune Telling Deck Guide Book

the following is my personal meaning for the cards. this is intended to be a guide for those becoming familiar with this deck, and is by no means the last word on what they have to offer. make them your own. let them speak to you, and more importantly, listen. if you trust yourself you can’t do it wrong.

the suit of mysteries

0 –  un fou – a fool –  A – AIR

upright: a beginning, an opportunity. a risk to be taken. a leap of faith. watch where you’re going, but GO! 

reversed: unheeded warnings, red flags ignored. the trickster spirit is trying to teach a lesson. pause. look both ways. watch your back and your front. 

method: place this card in front of a light blue candle. meditate on which path to take. 

1 – un magicien – a magician – B – MERCURY

upright: ability, control, influence, eloquence. soft power. practice what you preach, and practice your speech. wednesday morning.

reversed: inability, lack of control, taken out of context, taken too far. hard power. 

method: cast a magic circle. bless your tools so they serve you well. bless yourself as you call on your personal power. wednesday night.  

2 – un  prêtresse – a priestess – C – MOON

upright: intuition, inherent wisdom, special knowledge. the answer lies beyond the veil. the answer is what you already know it to be. trust yourself.

reversed: rationality gets in the way. intuition ignored. short-sightedness. seek the truth in another.

method: stand barefoot on grass or earth or sand. raise your hands to the heavens. remember you are not in nature, you are nature. 

3 – une impératrice – an empress – D – VENUS

upright: creation, growth, fertility, bloom. mother. the acorn as the potential of the entire oak tree. life.

reversed: blockage, overgrowth, infertility, rot. smother. trouble in paradise. 

method: create a depiction, symbol, or sigil of what is desired out of natural materials. twigs, stones, grass, leaves, vines as a physical or metaphorical goal. leave your depiction in nature to be taken back by the earth.

4 – un empereur – an emperor – E – ARIES

upright: authority, organization, military, institution, stability, competition. veterans, enlisted military, police. 

reversed: tyranny, war, abuse of power, military, dictatorship, control, confrontation. veterans, enlisted military, police.

method: for control of a situation, tie four nails in the shape of a square with red or black ribbon or string. place a representation of what is to be controlled beneath the square, and place this card on top. burn the appropriate candle. 

5 – un pape – a pope – F – Taurus

upright: tradition, procedure, conformity, advice, rules, recipes. connection to the divine through another. connection to the truth through another. 

reversed: non-conformity, individuality, new paths, procedures, new procedures, substitution of components or ingredients. ignore unsolicited advice. direct connection to the divine. direction connection to the truth.

method: pray with your eyes open

6 – les amoureaux – lovers – G – GEMINI

upright: lovers. a choice between the sacred and the profane, a decision, options being weighed, forward or backward, give in or get going, quicksilver or quicksand.

reversed: a romantic breakup. indecision or a decision made for you. you’re damned if you don’t and you’re damned if you do. 

method: for love, carve your name on a pink candle, and then carve your love’s name on a red candle. tie the candles together and burn them on a Friday night. Keep the leftover wax in a small bag tied to your bedroom door knob. 

7 – un char – a chariot – H – CANCER

upright: travel, movement, advance, success, recognition, fame. a car. overcoming obstacles.

reversed: delays, failure, efforts in vain, blockages, defeat. travel problems or delays. car trouble.

method: dress the four corners of card 7 with holy oil and place in your wallet or handbag for success. place on your dashboard or in your luggage for safe travel. 

8 – la justice – justice – I – LIBRA

upright: objective justice, balance, action and reaction in equal measure. court cases and legal proceedings or documents. lawyers, barristers, judges, paralegals. 

reversed: injustice, out of balance, koyaanisqatsi, lies accepted as truths, corruption.

method: wrap this card tightly in brown ribbon and use in prayer to tip legal scales in your favor. 

9 –  un ermite – a hermit – VIRGO

upright: solitude, meditation, reflection, introspection, conservation. time away is needed. 

reversed: loneliness, isolation, separation, time away is no longer a benefit. 

method: clean your living space until it feels sufficiently clean. spend the night using only a candle and no electricity.

10 – une roue de fortune – a wheel of fortune – K – JUPITER

upright: good luck. circumstances change in your favor. kismet. fate. good. yes.

reversed: bad luck. circumstances change against you. ill-fated. bad. no.           

method: if upright, buy a lottery ticket. if reversed, put money away for a rainy day.

11 – une force – a strength – L – LEO 

upright: inner strength, will power, self-control, determination, need to control impulses and base emotions. renewed vitality.

reversed: lack of self-control. giving in to impulses, weakness, immature thoughts or actions. procrastination, buckling under pressure. 

method:  exercise. 

12 – un pendu – a hanged man – M – EARTH

upright: sacrifice, actions taken or to be taken for the greater good. preparation for a new phase. changes necessary. desire for something beyond the material world. 

reversed: selfishness. resistance to change. Refusal to see things in a new way. stubbornness. stagnation. clinging to the material.  

method: select a treasured object of yours and destroy it. 

13 – an unnamed card – N – SCORPIO

upright: DEATH. (not always or necessarily an ending of life)

reversed: difficulty dealing with or processing an ending or a death.

method: for attempting contact with beings of the otherworld, the mystery cards of this deck can be used to create a sprit or pendulum board. collect all 25 mystery cards from this deck and arrange them, in numerical order, in a circle from card 0 to card 24 with the top side of each card pointing in towards the center of the circle. each of these cards has a letter in the top left corner aside from card 24 which has letters U and V. On a smooth surface, an overturned shot or sherry glass can be used as a sort of planchette to guide the hand from letter to letter. a pendulum can also be used in a similar fashion to indicate letters of the circle. 

14 – la temperance – a temperance – O – SAGITTARIUS

upright: capability, balance, harmony, alchemy, synergy. the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. moderation, restraint. 

reversed: imbalance, inability to work together, oil and water, polarity. there is no common ground here. 

method: go on a cleanse. avoid sugar, salt, flour, or alcohol for 14 days.

15 – un diable – a devil – P – CAPRICORN

upright: bondage, obsession, addiction, desire. being chained to the altar of the god of this world. the devil you know.

reversed: hitting rock bottom creates a desire for change. It has to hurt if it’s to heal. breaking free after intense struggle. the devil you don’t.

method: say the lord’s prayer backwards. 

16 – un tour – a tower – Q – MARS

upright: sudden calamity. big, unexpected change. destruction, overthrow, collapse, demolition. the sky is falling. 

reversed: slow acting calamity. same as the upright meaning, but at a slower pace or to a lesser degree. old problems resurface if they were not dealt adequately the first time around.

method: create or double check your emergency supplies and plans. create or double check your self-care supplies and plans.

17 – les étoiles – stars – R – AQUARIUS

upright: HOPE. the lucky star tells us it will work out in our favor. the northern star tells us where we need to go. the shooting star tells us to make a wish. healing, restoration, peace of mind.

reversed: pessimism. denial of opportunities. a closed mind ignores potential. mistrust.

method: outside at dusk, draw a seven pointed star and name each point for something you’re grateful for. make a wish on the first star you see. wandering stars count. 

18 – la lune – the moon – S – PISCES

upright: all is not what it seems. there is more going on beneath the surface and behind the scenes. trust your instincts. illusion, mystery, occult. work in phases. 

reversed: confusion, delusion, mental health concerns could be suggested. cycles out of whack. a need to address cycling emotions, moods, hormones. help is available. you are not alone.

method: for each day/night of a full moon cycle, view the moon in the reflection of a mirror. when the moon is new or dark, reflect the dark night sky. this will likely require carrying around said mirror, so make sure it’s portable. a compact or similar will suffice. keep the mirror with your sacred objects as a symbol of the moon and her influence.

19 – le soleil – the sun – T – SUN

upright: success, achievement, celebration, recognition, positivity, health, healing. obstacles overcome. marriage, family, children suggested. morning.

reversed: same as the upright meaning, but delayed. some obstacles have yet to be overcome, and will be as long as they are addressed head on.

method: using a magnifying glass and the sun, burn a word, phrase, or symbol representing your highest goals onto a piece of wood. keep the piece of wood with your sacred objects as a symbol of the sun and his influence. *take all necessary fire safety precautions. focused sunlight can be very dangerous. 

20 – un jugement – a judgement – UV – FIRE

upright: rebirth, transition, announcement, revival, rejuvenation. a call to action. a reminder. appreciation of the past. ancestry.  

reversed: revision, review, regret, remorse. reliving an undesirable or unfortunate situation. some things stay dead, and some things don’t. you can’t unring a bell. possibility of a ghost in the house.       

method: take out an add in a newspaper or online publication announcing a joy.

21 – le monde – W – SATURN

upright: completion, finality, conclusion, understanding, awareness. attention. focus. freedom. the internet. time, the world itself.

reversed: completion and finality, but of a more sorrowful nature. natural conclusion or ending, but bittersweet. 

method: select four of your most prized possessions and schedule time to enjoy your possession of them. now schedule time with four people in your life who make you feel like the highest version of yourself. meditate on the difference in these two experiences.

22 – une prudence – a prudence –  X – WATER 

upright: providence, foresight, reason, knowledge, decision, anticipation, understanding of possible outcomes and possible futures. divination, fortune telling. 

reversed: imprudence, incorrect action, ignoring what is right, knowing it’s wrong, but doing it anyway. being tricked, purposefully confused, or led astray.   

method: have your fortune told, cards read, consult an astrologer who does horary astrology, have your tea leaves ready, etc. go to a professional stranger. 

23 – as above – Y

upright: abracadabra: avra kehdabra. i create through my speech. speak it into existence. set your intention by vibrating it as words into the universe.

reversed: self-doubt. lack of true belief that the task can be accomplished or the thing brought into existence. 

method: create a word pyramid like that on the card using a word that represents fully your desired outcome. begin with the first letter alone, then add the next letter, and then the next on each subsequent line until you have the full word as the bottom of your pyramid. 

as above, so below

as i speak it, it is so

24 – so below – Z 

upright: abracadabra: abbada ke dabra. perish like the word. ridding ones self of an unwanted situation, thing, desire, problem by setting the intention to overcome. the dark side of the moon. Her fourth face. if you know, you know.

reversed: something that you cannot get rid of. something lingers, something won’t end. a lack of ability or desire to leave a harmful situation or person behind. sickness. the thing still lurks.

method: create a word pyramid like that on the card using a word that represents fully the thing you intend to be rid of. begin with the full word as the top of the inverted pyramid. on the next line, drop one letter from the word, then another, and another on each subsequent line until there is only one letter left.  

let it perish like the word

a buried burden, a grief interred

the suit of hearts: emotions, love, water, feeling, spring

25 – the ace of hearts – home

upright: a home, fulfillment, love, joy, comfort, center, banquet, the beginning of spring, reception, water. house, hotel, table, meal, 

reversed: home trouble, home change, upset, let down, new problem, basement, leak

advice: leave out a glass of water for the spirits

26 – the two hearts –  cupid

upright: romance, love, connection, cupids arrow, emotional exchange

reversed: disconnect, bad partnership, uneven exchange, delay in success, star-crossed lovers

advice: carry this card in your wallet or pocket book for luck in love

27 – the three hearts – wine 

upright: celebration, drinks, creation, abundance, a bar or bistro, a cure

reversed: uncertainty in success, delay in good result, overindulgence, counting chickens before they’re hatched. 

advice: enjoy a glass of wine or cup of tea with friends and talk about your recent successes

28 – the four hearts – a clover

upright: security, contentment, assuredness. if with negative cards: boredom. apathy, atrophy, listlessness, missed opportunity. can represent a church, a home, a bedroom, a bed. 

reversed: a new light, renewed interest, new beginning

advice: seek out and spend time in a field of clovers. all clovers are lucky, not just the four-leaved ones

29 – the five hearts – a broken mirror

upright: bittersweet, an undue focus on the negative, indecision, self-deprecation, self-doubt, bad luck

reversed: ancestry, legacy, inheritance, news, return, antique, refurbish

advice: to change your luck, break a mirror. you can glue the pieces in a decorative fashion to a box or other surface to create renewal. 

30 – the six hearts – a stork

upright: the past, childhood, recollection, memory, acquaintance, friends or lovers from the past. an offer. 

reversed: being stuck in the past, a need to move on. clining, unable to let go. a favor asked of you

advice: reach out to an old friend. offer a compliment

31 – the seven hearts – a candle

Upright: illusions, dreams, daydreams, confusion, options, indecision, illustration, watercolor, head in the clouds or lost in the sauce 

Reversed: a plan, a design, a dream put into action, the shower principle

advice: to make a decision, stick six pins into a candle, evenly spaced to divide the candle into seven sections. Each day for seven days, burn one section of the candle. By the end of the seventh day, you will have decided. 

32 – the eight hearts – a garden gate

*related to card 46 – the eight clubs – a garden path

Upright: moving on, greener pastures, leaving an old way of life. The current situation is unfulfilling. something is leaving. 

a light haired girl. 

Reversed: reckless action. A desire to return to an old life or an old way of life.  Returning to something to find that it is not the same as when you left it.  

advice: spend time looking through old photographs. Remember where you came from, but also how far you’ve come.

33 – the nine hearts – a wishbone

Upright: luck, a win, yes, a good sign or omen. 

Reversed: a wish unfulfilled, possibly for the better. A loss, no.. omnia vanitas. 

advice: wish a wish by blowing a dandelion pappus, pinching out a candle, or breaking a wishbone.

34 – the ten hearts – a lily

Upright: achievement, success, happiness, peaceful home life, a marriage

Reversed: disharmony, family troubles, a rocky marriage, depression, gloom

advice: buy yourself some beautiful flowers, perhaps lilies, and a vintage vase to keep them in. when they start to wither, leave them at a crossroads or an overpass. 

35 – the page of hearts – a bassinet

Upright: good news, a caring, emotional, intuitive young person, possible news of a birth, a new caring, passionate learning or study

Reversed: an opportunity or talent wasted, an inability to focus, discovering something you didn’t want to know.

advice: fill a wine glass with a mixture of red wine and black coffee and spend time gazing into it.

36 – the knight of hearts – a bouquet

Upright: an invitation, an opportunity, a romance, a new idea. seeing a situation in a new way.

Reversed: a lie, unseen problems, trouble under the surface. Someone is putting on a false face.

advice: put rose petals in your shoe when going on a first date.

37 – the queen of hearts – a woman

Upright: a sensitive, intuitive person, a psychic experience, a visit from the other world. Listen to your dreams or instincts. an important woman in your life or a woman related to the situation. Light hair and eyes. 

Reversed: fickle, vain, untrustworthy, flighty. Instability. Emotional manipulation.

advice: Secrets are best kept at this time. 

38 – the king of hearts – a dog

Upright: a generous and caring man. A friend. A dog. Good advise, wise counsel. Light hair and eyes. 

Reversed: a veiled threat, a betrayal

advice: Listen to advice given at this time, especially from unusual sources

the suit of clubs: doing, action, fire, passion, summer

39 – the ace of clubs – a fireplace

Upright: a beginning, a new job or business adventure, a bright idea, passion, sexuality. Sometimes the birth of a child. 

Reversed: a rocky beginning, getting off on the wrong foot, annoyances, bad timing. Infertility, impotence 

advice: the ace of clubs represents a single candle. light a single candle on a fire-safe dish in the dark on the night before beginning an important task or new phase. envision the final outcome you are working towards. 

40 – the two clubs – a handshake 

Upright: a partnership, a level of achievement, a promotion. rely on each other, trust. A promise.

Reversed: a bad partnership, an inability to get along or to see eye to eye. Doubting yourself or the process

advice: where an argument has occurred or might occur, burn one match the right way and another match the wrong way in a fire safe dish. 

41 – the three clubs – a key

upright: a creative or productive period or opportunity. long term success, satisfaction after waiting. new partnerships prove successful 

reversed: missed opportunity, delays, fruitlessness. too many cooks in the kitchen. three’s a crowd. 

advice: wear a key around your neck as a success charm. not a fancy, antique key. the familiar, empowered key to your own front door

42 – the four clubs – a bell

upright: a celebration, anniversary, party, marriage. success. established, firm standing. a building. can represent the office, workspace, or desk.

reversed: uncertainty, disruption, delay. more effort or action is needed. 

advice: you can’t unring a bell, but you can keep ringing it. celebrate good times. come on. 

43 – the five clubs – a whip

upright: competition, conflict, a spat, a tiff. fear of failure can lead to failure. a challenge or difficulty. 

reversed: larger conflict, injury or accident, competition becomes aggressive. 

advice: gather five dry sticks of similar length. tie the ends together to form a lucky star. hang this over your door where you will see it when leaving each day as a reminder that you have already won.

44 – the six clubs – a badge of honor

upright: victory. success, valor. good news, an announcement. recognition, promotion, graduation, certification. 

reversed: delayed or missed opportunity for success. 

advice: make a crown of laurel leaves and keep this at your desk or work station for victory. 

45 – the seven clubs – a mountain 

upright: a test, an obstacle. stand your ground. a serious struggle can be indicated. the nature of the struggle can be seen in surrounding cards. 

reversed: a failure, or a failure to live up to potential. giving up, giving in. buckling under pressure. 

advice: take a hike. climb a mountain. 

46 – the eight clubs – a garden path

*related to card 32 – the eight hearts – a garden gate 

upright: activity, motion, quickness, speed, delay ended. travel, especially by air. something is coming. the country or countryside is indicated. 

reversed: over-eagerness, carelessness, going too fast, error derived from recklessness 

advice: practice playing darts.

47 – the nine clubs – a beehive

*related to card 61 – the nine diamonds – a bee 

upright: strength, resourcefulness, and anticipation are needed. rely on your foundations. the tools and skills acquired will help with the trials that lie ahead. you have been through this before. 

reversed: a lack of preparedness, lack of initiative, lack of trust in oneself. history repeating itself, so do it differently this time.

advice: add apple cider vinegar and raw honey to a glass of warm water for a morning boost of vitality and to help with headaches. 

48 – the ten clubs – a donkey 

upright: work, overwork, overwhelmed. there are too many irons in the fire. adjusting to new responsibilities. sometimes back pain or injury is indicated. 

reversed: a need to delegate. not trusting others to carry out a task. buckling under pressure. the burden has become too great. 

advice: gather a stick or fallen leaf for each worry that is weighing on your mind, naming each object for that worry. take these to a flowing or moving body of water such as a stream or ocean. speak aloud each worry or burden, as you throw, toss, or set the corresponding stick or leaf into the water, allowing it to be taken away. 

49 – the page of clubs – a fox

upright: a new idea, new project, good news. a clever, quick person. news from or about a younger person. 

reversed: bad news. a cocky, arrogant person. cunning rather than clever. shallowness, ambition. 

advice: ask a child for advice

50 – the knight of clubs – a lion

upright: a departure, a change of mind, heart, or location. travel. a charming person. the center of attention. charm, charisma. 

reversed: problems with travel or moving plans. indecisiveness. a self-centered person. 

advice: plan and begin saving for a trip. pleasure, not business. 

51 – the queen of clubs – an eye

upright: independence, confidence, strength, loyalty. an independent, strong, woman. generous, loud, boisterous. 

reversed: manipulation, intimidation, imposition. a person looking after their own self-interests. a possible enemy. 

advice: wear an evil eye charm on your person to deflect the negative influence of jealousy or ill-will. 

52 – the king of clubs – a shepherd 

upright: an authority figure, boss, a good leader. a person to be sought for advice. someone who has your best interests at heart. a lawyer or mediator. 

reversed: a strict, authoritarian, perhaps abusive figure. a dictator. a situation to remove oneself from, especially if with spades. 

advice: investigate the mythology of the christ figure as it has presented itself around the world. 

the suit of diamonds: money, objects, earth, material, autumn

53 – the ace of diamonds – a treasure chest

upright: a new job or financial opportunity. a seed that has been planted. a good omen for financial success. security. money, cash. 

reversed:a missed financial opportunity. too much of a focus on the material. 

advice: to increase prosperity, bury a golden coin in a pot where mint will be grown. 

54 – the two diamonds – a pair of scales

upright: changing fortunes, or an exchange of fortunes. a need to find balance between the material and the meaningful. the stock market. juggling multiple things or situations.

reversed: out of balance. inability to keep track of all that needs to be handled. something overlooked. a need for review or a double checking. give as much as you take in the situation. 

advice: give back. an easy way to do this is to set up a savings account, or even a change jar, that is specifically for money to be donated. research organizations that are doing good work that is meaningful to you. 

55 – the three diamonds – a letter

upright: an increase, a change in finances for the better, news of a monetary gain, a raise, a bonus, a gift. listen to advice given now. constructive criticism. 

reversed: not good enough. potential was not lived up to. dissatisfaction. harsh criticism, but maybe not unwarranted. 

advice: find a penpal. write a physical letter to a friend using beautiful paper and ink. 

56 – the four diamonds – an anchor

upright: save, use caution, do nothing, keep. sometimes the best action is no action. can represent a bank or safe. 

reversed: too stingy or too conservative. self-imposed distance or separation. lighten up. 

advice: carry an anchor charm, or this card, as a reminder of what keeps you calm, focused, and still during tumultuous times.  

57 – the five diamonds – a church

upright: financial problems, health problems. an unwillingness or inability to ask for the appropriate help. worry or stress is clouding judgement. take care of yourself before taking care of others. pride. 

reversed: a situation getting worse.  financial or health problems have become more severe. hitting rock bottom. 

advice: put on your own oxygen mask first. 

58 – the six diamonds – a fish

upright: abundance, fulfillment, having plenty. share the wealth. a donation or loan. 

reversed: frivolous spending, living beyond one’s means. too much generosity. loans not repaid. 

advice: make an extra payment on a credit card bill, or an extra deposit to a savings account. 

59 – the seven diamonds – a sand dollar

upright: long term success. waiting. continued effort leading to reward over time. slow and steady growth. 

reversed: results are not proportional to the effort put in. a bad harvest. a bad return. it’s not worth it. 

advice: grow your own food. it can be a meaningful experience to grow, from a seed, something that nourishes us. try tomatoes, zucchini, or even basil. 

60 – the eight of diamonds – an anvil

upright: skill or trade. work. something made by hand. an artisan or craftsperson. 

a dark haired girl. 

reversed: be aware of being taken advantage of. hard work gone unnoticed. not being compensated adequately. can indicate frivolous actions or not wanting to put in the necessary effort. 

advice: when shopping for gifts, look to local artists or even craftspeople on etsy. choose handmade. choose small business. 

61 – the nine diamonds – a bee

*related to card 47 – the nine clubs – a beehive 

upright: success, accomplishment, fulfillment, efficiency,  harvest. a promise kept.

reversed: vanity, inefficiency , unfulfillment, lacking, the sting of regret

advice: tell the bees your plans and desires. promise to yourself and to them you will work diligently towards these goals, and then keep that promise. 

62 – the ten diamonds – a pig

upright: money, family, the home, dynasty, legacy. satisfaction, satiation, a secure, comforting place, situation, person or people. cozy wozy. 

reversed: loss, discomfort, family troubles or troubles at home. the situation or person keeps you on edge. 

advice: if you can’t give up all meat, at least give up pork. our society is blessed with abundance enough to consider these things. 

63 – the page of diamonds – a book

upright: an inquisitive young person. a student. learning, school, study. a book. a new piece if information that changes things. 

reversed: willful ignorance. a refusal to acknowledge or recognize the facts. anyone who uses the phrase `fake news`.

advice: practice bibliomancy. when seeking an answer to a question, choose a book at random from your shelf, or, more traditionally, use a copy of the bible. when posing the question, with eyes closed, flip to a random page in the book, and place your finder at a random spot on that page. the word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph will contain the information you need to hear in regards to your question. 

64 – the knight of diamonds – a railroad track

upright: a determined, focused person. cautious advancement. slow movement is indicated or advised. news about finances. take your time. slow and steady wins the race. 

reversed: carelessness or a careless person. this will take longer than usual, or longer than was originally thought, stagnation. timidity, shyness to a fault. 

advice: take a day trip by train. 

65 – the queen of diamonds – a bear

upright: an affluent, generous, economically minded woman. a “mama bear” figure. someone reliable, stable, hardworking, or a need to embody those traits. financial help is available. 

reversed: a materialistic, cold person. a conflict over finances, a conflict over method. insecurity presented as confidence or arrogance. 

advice: invest in a piece of jewelery (NOT DIAMONDS) to wear when you want to feel especially confident or powerful.  

66 –  the king of diamonds – a man

upright: a rich man, a business person. a person to be sought after with questions regarding the stock market, retirement, etc. material success comes easily at this time. can also represent a man related to the situation. the surrounding cards will expand on his position or influence. 

reversed: a rich man, in monetary wealth only. morally bankrupt. indifference. apathetic. 

advice: for financial success, periodically leave a five dollar bill on the floor of a public place, without being noticed, for a stranger to find. 

the suit of spades: thoughts, worries, air, sorrows, winter

67 – the ace of spades – a scythe 

upright: aside from being a sign of troubles, this card can represent a shrewd mind, a quick tongue. the scythe clears away what is not useful to you, though this can sometimes be an uncomfortable process. this card can also represent personal power. think the power sword, aka the sword of grayskull, excalibur, or the magic knife described in the Key of Solomon.

reversed: intrusive thoughts, injustice. a quick tongue becomes a hurtful one. a seed of sorrow has been planted, don’t let it grow. 


68 – the two spades – a pair of scissors

upright: a truce, crossed swords, a duel. a debate or argument has come to an end with more information on the nature and outcome to be seen in the surrounding cards. 

reversed: the argument has escalated. irreconcilable differences. a third party may be needed to help come up with a solution. 

advice: to help distance yourself from a troublesome person, collect something solid to represent yourself, and a candle to represent the person. open a large pair of scissors on your table, placing the representation of yourself by the handles, and the candle representing the person between the blades. each night for nine nights, burn a portion of the candle while also closing the scissors slightly. but the end of the ninth night, the candle will be burnt out, and the scissors closed. 

69 – the three spades – a mouse

upright: loss, separation, removal, surgery, a slow leak. a little more trouble. a deterioration, sorrow, disappointment. 

reversed:confusion, problems coming from a yet unknown source. pull an additional card to help find source. 

advice: when attempting to recover from a loss, separation, or other life trouble, three things are needed: healthy food, plenty of sleep, a little bit of exercise. 

70 – the four spades – a tree

upright: healing or recovery is needed. allow for and plan for time to do nothing. rest. sleep. make yourself unavailable to the people or things that are causing you stress. this can represent a hospital, sickbed, treatment facility. 

reversed: an illness, exhaustion, depletion, dehydration. isolation, seclusion, quarantine is imposed rather than chosen. 

advice: find a large, old tree. stand barefoot before the tree with your hands on the bark. commune. 

71 – the five spades – clouds

upright: defeat. loss. embarrassment. degradation. a blow to the ego. 

reversed: same as upright, but possibly with larger, more long-term consequences. 

advice: burn dried lavender and chamomile to calm the mind and heal emotional wounds. burn bay leaves to regain confidence. 

72 – the six spades – a ship

upright: travel, a journey, a move forward. a complicated or harmful situation has been left behind. a brighter future is now attainable. this can represent a road, a freeway, a car, a boat.

reversed: stalling, procrastination, reverting to old, destructive habits. car trouble. 

advice: get an oil change. 

73 – the seven spades – a snake

upright: deceit, lies, a hidden enemy. look to surrounding cards for how the truth can be found out. 

reversed: the deception suggested in the upright card is more harmful and malicious. keep your friends close and your enemies at a distance. 

advice: burn rattle viper sperm incense, following the directions, to free yourself from the influence of enemies. 

74 – the eight spades – a birdcage

upright: a blockage, restriction, limitations, sometimes self-imposed. an unwillingness to address a situation. opponents have the upper hand. addictions might have a hold on the situation. sometimes a physical restriction such as an illness or imprisonment. 

reversed: pessimism, despair. a focus on the negative is keeping you from removing yourself from it. the restrictions from the upright card are also present here. 

advice: if you are ready to change a situation, but feel trapped, the only magic spell you need is the words you use to ask for help. help is available as soon as you are ready. 

75 – the nine spades – birds

upright: heavy thoughts, doubts, worries, anxiety, nightmares. sleep has been disturbed. mental health issues can be suggested with this card. the birds are the voice in your head that repeats your fears and won’t let you find peace. RuPaul calls this your inner saboteur. 

reversed: depression, ptsd, insomnia. the issues of the upright card have become more severe. 

advice: try valerian root and chamomile tea to help with sleeping. 

76 – the ten spades – a sarcophagus

upright: ending, death, finality, tears, pain, exhaustion, rock bottom

reversed: after things have worsened, a ray of hope. 

advice: burn a candle in front of a mirror in a darkened room and commune with your dead.

77 – the page of spades – a cat

upright: an analytical, cunning person. a warning of deception, secrets, and spies. watch what you say and look behind what is being said to you. 

reversed: back-stabbing an unexpected, sudden change. underhanded. a double cross. 

advice: start carrying a pocket knife. 

78 – the knight of spades – a rider

upright: a quick-witted, expressive personality. gregarious, loud. a dominant person that can sometimes come off as aggressive. possible strife, arguments, conflict. conclusions have already been jumped to. speed of action, speed of movement. 

reversed: increased activity nervous energy. strong reactions out of nowhere. passive aggressive has become active aggressive.  

advice: when faced with a personality with the negative traits of the knight of spades, the best way to disarm is to offer a compliment on something beyond the physical. compliment intelligence or wit. 

79 – the queen of spades – a bolt of lightning

upright: a perceptive, decisive woman. an intuitive insight. this could represent a widow, a divorcee, or unmarried woman. a decision or answer can be found at this time. the surrounding cards will shed light on how to come to these realizations. 

reversed: a critical, judgemental, negative person. a malicious, potentially harmful enemy.

advice: a piece of lightning-struck wood is one of the luckiest objects you can have. if found, keep in a place of prominence with your other sacred objects. 

80 – the king of spades – a citadel

upright: a mature, wise, authoritative man. do everything by the book when this card appears as new ideas, new ways, new notions won’t be appreciated. the situation is going more in your favor than it appears. there is a hint of loneliness to this card. 

reversed: a stern, militaristic, harsh person. there could be bullying or intimidation going on. a miscarriage of justice, or manipulation of the legal system can be indicated. 

advice: keep a large stone or brick by the entrance to your home to add an air of protection, and solidity. 

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