like stars

sometimes he misses the nights spent in bars

he still doesn’t think it would ever go that far

but now he says there’s light out there like stars

brighter than anything you can see from where you are.

some body, some vampire

you’d think he slept for days

that he just hibernates

that he wakes violent in the basement

of the tower of his mistakes

but now its early to bed

and much earlier to rise

from dreams shaped like steam

to cloud the mirrors of his mind

how can he keep from pushing all the comfort away

just get that soot from his eyes where it settles each day

make him get dressed

and paint his cities red

then tell him he has to leave when he says he wants to stay

follow the tracks

she cauterizes and hot-wires

set the earth back on fire

a cheap date and a good liar

clean bones bleached brighter

westward trails can’t stay his hand

break his jaw when it looks like you can

blood on the desert blood in the sand

follow the tracks of beasts in the land

look lonesome like burned down

he’s got it made, his fake shout

and lies to sift over town

desperate for whats been taken out.

something above him like a vulture but worse

held his hands out and caught it like a curse

all at once centuries of thirst

a hundred seems just begging to burst


oh my good grief I remember the days

when we watched a storm move his bright life into shade

standing motionless, eyes wide and colorless

hope against hope against hoping for a reset

reach for each other

take a breath and take cover

some of the colder days are sunlit and hand-fed

some of our nights were made to be moonless.

we packed up and spread out

like our city burned down

and it’s so still we can hear the smoke moving around

we remember the look on his face

as he pulled fire alarms

there are some things you love

because they pull you apart.