15 – un diable – a devil – P – CAPRICORN

15 – un diable – a devil – P – CAPRICORN

upright: bondage, obsession, addiction, desire. being chained to the altar of the god of this world. the devil you know.

reversed: hitting rock bottom creates a desire for change. It has to hurt if it’s to heal. breaking free after intense struggle. the devil you don’t.

method: say the lord’s prayer backwards.

14 – la temperance – a temperance – O – SAGITTARIUS

14 – la temperance – a temperance – O – SAGITTARIUS

upright: capability, balance, harmony, alchemy, synergy. the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. moderation, restraint. 

reversed: imbalance, inability to work together, oil and water, polarity. there is no common ground here. 

method: go on a cleanse. avoid sugar, salt, flour, or alcohol for 14 days.

13 – an unnamed card – N – SCORPIO

13 – an unnamed card – N – SCORPIO

upright: DEATH. (not always or necessarily an ending of life)

reversed: difficulty dealing with or processing an ending or a death.

method: for attempting contact with beings of the otherworld, the mystery cards of this deck can be used to create a sprit or pendulum board. collect all 25 mystery cards from this deck and arrange them, in numerical order, in a circle from card 0 to card 24 with the top side of each card pointing in towards the center of the circle. each of these cards has a letter in the top left corner aside from card 24 which has letters U and V. On a smooth surface, an overturned shot or sherry glass can be used as a sort of planchette to guide the hand from letter to letter. a pendulum can also be used in a similar fashion to indicate letters of the circle.

12 – un pendu – a hanged man – M – EARTH

12 – un pendu – a hanged man – M – EARTH

upright: sacrifice, actions taken or to be taken for the greater good. preparation for a new phase. changes necessary. desire for something beyond the material world. 

reversed: selfishness. resistance to change. Refusal to see things in a new way. stubbornness. stagnation. clinging to the material.  

method: select a treasured object of yours and destroy it