6 – les amoureaux – lovers – G – GEMINI

6 – les amoureaux – lovers – G – GEMINI

upright: lovers. a choice between the sacred and the profane, a decision, options being weighed, forward or backward, give in or get going, quicksilver or quicksand.

reversed: a romantic breakup. indecision or a decision made for you. you’re damned if you don’t and you’re damned if you do. 

method: for love, carve your name on a pink candle, and then carve your love’s name on a red candle. tie the candles together and burn them on a Friday night. Keep the leftover wax in a small bag tied to your bedroom door knob

5 – un pape – a pope – F – Taurus

5 – un pape – a pope – F – Taurus

upright: tradition, procedure, conformity, advice, rules, recipes. connection to the divine through another. connection to the truth through another. 

reversed: non-conformity, individuality, new paths, procedures, new procedures, substitution of components or ingredients. ignore unsolicited advice. direct connection to the divine. direction connection to the truth.

method: pray with your eyes open

4 – un empereur – an emperor – E – ARIES

4 – un empereur – an emperor – E – ARIES

upright: authority, organization, military, institution, stability, competition. veterans, enlisted military, police. 

reversed: tyranny, war, abuse of power, military, dictatorship, control, confrontation. veterans, enlisted military, police.

method: for control of a situation, tie four nails in the shape of a square with red or black ribbon or string. place a representation of what is to be controlled beneath the square, and place this card on top. burn the appropriate candle.

3 – une impératrice – an empress – D – VENUS

3 – une impératrice – an empress – D – VENUS

upright: creation, growth, fertility, bloom. mother. the acorn as the potential of the entire oak tree. life.

reversed: blockage, overgrowth, infertility, rot. smother. trouble in paradise. 

method: create a depiction, symbol, or sigil of what is desired out of natural materials. twigs, stones, grass, leaves, vines as a physical or metaphorical goal. leave your depiction in nature to be taken back by the earth.