2 – un prêtresse – a priestess – C – MOON

2 – un prêtresse – a priestess – C – MOON

upright: intuition, inherent wisdom, special knowledge. the answer lies beyond the veil. the answer is what you already know it to be. trust yourself.

reversed: rationality gets in the way. intuition ignored. short-sightedness. seek the truth in another.

method: stand barefoot on grass or earth or sand. raise your hands to the heavens. remember you are not in nature, you are nature.

1 – un magicien – a magician – B – Mercury

1 – un magicien – a magician – B – MERCURY

upright: ability, control, influence, eloquence. soft power. practice what you preach, and practice your speech. wednesday morning.

reversed: inability, lack of control, taken out of context, taken too far. hard power. 

method: cast a magic circle. bless your tools so they serve you well. bless yourself as you call on your personal power. wednesday night.

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card 0 – un fou – A – air

0 –  un fou – a fool –  A – AIR

upright: a beginning, an opportunity. a risk to be taken. a leap of faith. watch where you’re going, but GO! 

reversed: unheeded warnings, red flags ignored. the trickster spirit is trying to teach a lesson. pause. look both ways. watch your back and your front. 

method: place this card in front of a light blue candle. meditate on which path to take