11 – une force – a strength – L – LEO

11 – une force – a strength – L – LEO

upright: inner strength, will power, self-control, determination, need to control impulses and base emotions. renewed vitality.

reversed: lack of self-control. giving in to impulses, weakness, immature thoughts or actions. procrastination, buckling under pressure. 

method: exercise.

10 – une roue de fortune – a wheel of fortune – K – JUPITER

10 – une roue de fortune – a wheel of fortune – K – JUPITER

upright: good luck. circumstances change in your favor. kismet. fate. good. yes.

reversed: bad luck. circumstances change against you. ill-fated. bad. no.           

method: if upright, buy a lottery ticket. if reversed, put money away for a rainy day.

9 – un ermite – a hermit – VIRGO

9 – un ermite – a hermit – VIRGO

upright: solitude, meditation, reflection, introspection, conservation. time away is needed. 

reversed: loneliness, isolation, separation, time away is no longer a benefit. 

method: clean your living space until it feels sufficiently clean. spend the night using only a candle and no electricity.

8 – la justice – justice – I – LIBRA

8 – la justice – justice – I – LIBRA

upright: objective justice, balance, action and reaction in equal measure. court cases and legal proceedings or documents. lawyers, barristers, judges, paralegals. 

reversed: injustice, out of balance, koyaanisqatsi, lies accepted as truths, corruption.

method: wrap this card tightly in brown ribbon and use in prayer to tip legal scales in your favor.