8 – la justice – justice – I – LIBRA

8 – la justice – justice – I – LIBRA

upright: objective justice, balance, action and reaction in equal measure. court cases and legal proceedings or documents. lawyers, barristers, judges, paralegals. 

reversed: injustice, out of balance, koyaanisqatsi, lies accepted as truths, corruption.

method: wrap this card tightly in brown ribbon and use in prayer to tip legal scales in your favor.

7 – un char – a chariot – H – CANCER

7 – un char – a chariot – H – CANCER

upright: travel, movement, advance, success, recognition, fame. a car. overcoming obstacles.

reversed: delays, failure, efforts in vain, blockages, defeat. travel problems or delays. car trouble.

method: dress the four corners of card 7 with holy oil and place in your wallet or handbag for success. place on your dashboard or in your luggage for safe travel.

6 – les amoureaux – lovers – G – GEMINI

6 – les amoureaux – lovers – G – GEMINI

upright: lovers. a choice between the sacred and the profane, a decision, options being weighed, forward or backward, give in or get going, quicksilver or quicksand.

reversed: a romantic breakup. indecision or a decision made for you. you’re damned if you don’t and you’re damned if you do. 

method: for love, carve your name on a pink candle, and then carve your love’s name on a red candle. tie the candles together and burn them on a Friday night. Keep the leftover wax in a small bag tied to your bedroom door knob

5 – un pape – a pope – F – Taurus

5 – un pape – a pope – F – Taurus

upright: tradition, procedure, conformity, advice, rules, recipes. connection to the divine through another. connection to the truth through another. 

reversed: non-conformity, individuality, new paths, procedures, new procedures, substitution of components or ingredients. ignore unsolicited advice. direct connection to the divine. direction connection to the truth.

method: pray with your eyes open