Week 11: Mar 11 – Mar 17o

Fortunes in shift. Watch your pocket book. Gains and losses end in equilibrium. We might feel the need to rob Peter to pay Paul, but when if we’re honest with ourselves and our checking accounts, we can pay Peter and Paul and be just fine. This will take some maneuvering and balancing on your part, but ultimately you realize you can adjust your definition of ‘need’ and make it work. Buy it next week.

This card often reminds me of the times when i say ‘im broke,’ and mean that my bills are paid, i’ve got food and gas for the week, and i have rainy-day money, i’m just not being frivolous. Many tarot decks depict this card as two coins in the loops of a lemniscate, or infinity symbol. In Marseille style decks, this is often shown as a looping banner with the name of the company that printed the cards or artist info. This concept of coins in infinity reminds us that money is such a fluid thing in the universe. Incredible wealth can be lost or gained overnight, and what we consider ‘incredible wealth’ can change in an instant. The stressful situation this card can vaticinate will come and go. Just keep the ball bouncing.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained today. Look no further than your own backyard. The Nine of Coins reminds us that tending our own garden is the way to guarantee our success. If we’ve already put in the work and are waiting to reap the rewards, being overly fussy or pushy might tip things out of our favor. Generally, a positive outcome is indicated, but just let it happen.

Mathers tells us this card indicates discretion, circumspection, prudence, discernment. Etteilla tells us this card indicates success.

Card of the Day ::12.21.16::

Nine of Wands: 

You’ve done this before, you can navigate this again.  History can only repeat itself if you let it. Stand firm, trust yourself and your strengths. Don’t give in to fear or doubt.