::Daily Spread::1.11.13::


Unfortunately you aren’t fully prepared for whats to come. An unfortunate situation, possibly financial, will catch you off guard. Most likely it will just be that something you have been counting on won’t come to the exact fruition that you had expected and it could be quite the let down. The good news, however, is that while I was shuffling for this reading the Wheel of Fortune fell out of the deck. My grandmother, who first taught me to read playing cards, used to say ‘what falls to the floor comes to the door.’ This means that a card that falls out of the deck while shuffling will come to the querent. Since it was the Wheel of Fortune, that suggests that the trouble you’ll have to deal with will likely leave as quickly as it comes in. Fortune favors you at this time, so as disappointing as this situation may seem, you’ll likely come out on top regardless.

::Daily Spread::1.9.13::


Thank the stars thats over! A rough and stressful situation is finally falling away. It might still be painful and these adjustments might be difficult to make at this time, but you will begin to receive little nudges from the universe that not only are things about to start looking up, but that this was also for the best. There was probably no other way for you to learn what you had to learn over the past few weeks, and from that viewpoint you might find yourself being glad it all happened.
Things will start to flow more easily once you’ve accepted that its over and learn to let go.

::Daily Spread::1.3.13::

The joy another person brings you can quickly and stealthily become unhealthy. Make sure you don’t become too dependent on another to provide your happiness. Don’t let the cold way someone is acting right now keep you from enjoying the good things you can experience.