Card of the Day ::12.21.16::

Nine of Wands: 

You’ve done this before, you can navigate this again.  History can only repeat itself if you let it. Stand firm, trust yourself and your strengths. Don’t give in to fear or doubt. 

Card of the Day ::12.13.16::

Three of Cups, reversed:

Trouble in paradise. Potentially as a result of overindulgence or selfish behaviors. Possible third party interference is indicated. This could be a troublesome third wheel, or simply a bad influence in the form of a friend or family member. 

Card of the Day ::12.9.16::

Ace of Cups:

The cups half full today. Emotional fulfillment, romance in bloom, happiness at home. Enjoy and embrace the things that bring you peace and warmth. Let the folks you love know you love them. Love is in the air. 

Card of the Day ::12.8.16::

Eight of Cups: 

If it’s not what you thought it was, let it go. You’re allowed to move on.  Use a sense of disappointment with the current situation as a drive to make some changes. Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side.